Family Violence Protection Month 2021 Stories Page

Victim: Male
Offender: Female (wife)
Assault charges
The victim suffers from Alzheimer’s and does not seem to know who wife is.
Prior to the ongoing health crisis (COVID19), the victim was engaged in programming.
There was no history of violence prior to this.
Success: Successfully advocated for programming both in home and out of the home. Charges were also withdrawn, and the accused (wife) sought individual counselling.

Victim: Youth Female
Offender: Youth Male
Mom and youth report to police incident involving youth’s boyfriend damaging the youth’s phone during an incident. Youth also discloses that her boyfriend is jealous and wants to know her whereabouts at all times. Charges of mischief and damage to property.
Success: Youth was educated on early signs and indicators of domestic/dating violence. Made referrals for counselling.
The offender was extremely remorseful and alternative measures were sought. The Youth agreed to take programming to better understand his behaviours and the damage he caused in the relationship. He was also educated on the impacts of Family and Dating Violence.

Victim: Female
Offender: Male (husband)
Assault charges. Conditions of no contact and area restrictions in place.
According to the couple, this was a first-time incident due to job loss and financial stressors contributed by the ongoing health crisis.
Couple wanted to reconcile because the restrictions made financial stressors worse.
Success: Safety planning completed. Recommendation to the Crown to remove the restrictions. The accused agreed to enter into a Peace Bond with conditions to attend Family Violence counselling and keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Victim: Female
Offender: Male (common law)
Victim is highly vulnerable with drug and alcohol addiction. She is in a relationship with an abusive partner with a history of family violence both reported and unreported.
Several attempts to intervene by finding shelter and a detox program, were declined due to addictions and fear of the accused. After multiple charges and Family Violence occurrences, the victim asked for and accepted help.
Success: Victim was accepted to a detox program away from her area. The Family Violence unit engaged with her family who supported the victim’s decision to seek help and offered her a place to stay afterwards while transitioning into independent living. Victim was connected further supports.

Victim: Female with Children
Offender: Male (boyfriend)
The offender has alcohol and drug addiction issues. Offender is off his medication. He attacked victim with weapon and then fled the scene. History of family violence.
Success: Safety planning was completed. Safety plan also involved victim’s community/neighbours.
Security upgrades were completed in the home and a GPS tracker for extra safety was provided to the victim. Victim was also supported with counselling.